This is a Tibetan boy’s name that
I’ve taken for my underdefined life,
the inner, the marginal, the absurd,
the curious, the dumb…

I am a young researcher in Buddhist traditions, a keen reader of religious texts in a broad sense. My work mainly focus on the transmission of Buddhist ideas from the Indic to the Chinese world during the early medieval ages. I believe in non-self, impermanence, and perception as ultimately valid, meanwhile in divinity. I may claim myself to be a Buddhist, but I am not, obviously, conceived as one.


Who am I?

-Email: youzhao.shishya@gmail.com (any complaint, grumble, comment, advice, funny beautie pics or music, please do drop me a line)
-Avatars: Academia (publications and drafts) Hertford College Profile

Where am I?

-Currently: University of Oxford  (Primary Language: Sanskrit; Secondary Language: Tibetan)
-Before: I was born in Shanghai but attended school in Beijing for nine years. I graduated as a Bachelor followed by a Doctor from Peking University. (Exceptional dissertation: A Study on the Figure of Vimalakīrti — Translation, Commentary, and Visual Retellings)
-Once upon a while, I met some great souls in Yunnan, Tibet, Chennai, Paris, Munich…
What do I do?

Academic writing:
2015   Entry: “Mahāprajñāpāramitāśāstra”, Encyclopedia of China-India Cultural Contacts, Encyclopedia of China Publishing House.
2015    Co-Translator, “Introduction” and Chapter 1 of Buddhist Impact on Chinese Material Culture (佛教對中國物質文化的影響), by John Kieschnick, Zhongxi Book Company.
2014    Monographs coming as 2 volumes of the Chinese Buddhism Series: 1) Chinese Buddhist Images: A Brief Introduction 妙相庄严:汉传佛教造像; 2) Three Major Temples in Shanghai 海上梵呗:上海三寺), Zhongzhou Guji Press.
2012    “On the Criticism upon the School of Jise (Matter-as-such) in Seng Zhao’s Treatise on the Unreal-Void” (論《不真空》之評破即色宗), with Chen Shuai, New Century Religious Studies, Vol.11, 1, MWR Publishing House.
2012   “Shinran’s Theory of Beyond-good-and-evil and its Influence on Japanese Culture”, Juequn, No. 64, Shanghai Yufo Temple.
2008 Tai Zhao Junior Research Fund, fieldwork report: “Christian Community in Islamic Province Ningxia”

Working for passion:
2015-16 Graduate Library Assistant, Hertford College Library, University of Oxford
2013  Music Director Assistant, Shanghai World Music Festival; Tour Manager, Bombay Jayashri’s China Tour (a review of the Beijing concert at Forbidden City, by Mu Qian)

What do I really do?

All time real life events: ReadingPhotography (nature, travel, architecture), Music (piano, singing, composing, production), Doodling